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⭐ Amazon Advertising Certified
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⭐ HubSpot Inbound Certified
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⭐ Microsoft Certified Professional



Greetings! As an SEO Specialist, I pride myself on providing top-notch services, specializing in high-quality SEO Competitor Research and Analysis reports that empower businesses to stay ahead of their competition. Here’s what you can expect from my services:

1. **Comprehensive Competitor Analysis:** I delve deep into your competitors’ strategies to uncover their techniques and tactics. By analyzing their websites, content, and overall SEO approach, you will gain valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses.

2. **Backlink Source Identification:** Understanding where your competitors’ backlinks come from is crucial for building your own backlink strategy. I meticulously identify and analyze the sources of your competitors’ backlinks to help you replicate and even outperform them.

3. **Keyword Targeting Analysis:** I identify the keywords that your competitors are targeting to rank high in search engine results. This information allows you to refine your own keyword strategy and focus on areas with the highest potential for success.

4. **Traffic-Generating Keywords:** By pinpointing the keywords responsible for driving significant traffic to your competitor’s websites, I help you recognize opportunities to optimize your content and attract a larger audience.

5. **Top Pages Identification:** I highlight the top-performing pages on your competitors’ websites. Understanding which pages generate the most engagement and traffic can guide your content creation and optimization efforts.

**Action Plan for Success:** Based on the findings of the analysis, I provide you with a tailored action plan. This roadmap outlines steps you can take to outperform your competitors and gain a competitive edge in the online landscape.

**Deliverables in Google Sheets and Docs:** The final report and action plan will be provided in easy-to-access Google Sheets and Docs formats for your convenience and seamless collaboration.

**Proven Expertise and Certifications:** As a testament to my skills, I hold certifications from renowned platforms such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and HubSpot. My extensive knowledge in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search, and other key areas equips me to deliver high-quality results.



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